Monday, 13 August 2012

Day out in Galway

Hi Everybody :)

So how was everyone's weekend? Hope it was good. This is my weekend In pictures and one video with me freaking out lol :)

Saturday morning headed off to Galway, Love this city, If I get a chance to move there I will.

We hit off for Salthill where they had a miniature Titanic, I wanted to get a better shot but forgot lol

We then went into the city for a while, to have lunch and walk around there is a market on every Saturday so we headed to that, and the only thing we bought was a baby carrot cake, but it was so cute and so small then we took a picture with it lol

We then headed back to Salthill and after an hour spend in the arcade with my sister's husband insisting we win lots of tickets, we headed down to the fair ground and onto the wild mouse, which scared the bejeebus outta me, lol now I've got on many roller coasters, the biggest probably been the kracken in seaworld in Orlando Florida, which if you've never been or seen it, is a big ass roller coaster with twists and turns and going upside down and you're basically just hanging there cos there is nothing under your feet,  and even that didn't scare me as much as the wild mouse did lol

Course it didn't help that my brother in law kept saying it didn't seem safe that they take it down and put it up its not a permanent structure and that it was held up by pieces of wood lol and also he talks about rust as you hear in this little video I made, I was shaking so much that I actually had to stop recording lol it looks like nothing but I dare you to go on it, I'm telling you it feels like you're about to fall off the edge lol (I always wanna say that my sister and her husband have been on this before I hadn't )

Actually ended up not going shopping after all, but I did nearly get a tattoo, I've wanted one for a few years now, and I always said I wanted it on the inside of my wrist but then on Saturday when I was thinking about it, I decided maybe I wanted it on my ankle or foot instead, so I ended up not getting one as I have to decided where I want it now, I know what I want just where I will be getting it over the next few months tho, and I will get it in Galway :)

well that was my adventure...

Aoife xx

New Foundation

Hi Guys,

So I just wanted to share with ye a product I purchased today, now I've heard so much about this product over the last few months, but to be honest I wasn't really interested as the company that make this product usually don't have my shade...however today when I was doing my grocery shopping in Dunne's I passed by the Rimmel stand and of course I stopped and had a look and to my surprise the lightest shade of the Rimmel wake me up foundation actually looked light, usually they are quiet darker then your normal "lightest" shade, so after a few minutes of humming and hawing and will I or won't I, I decided sure why not I'll give it a whirl, its only 6.95 (was on sale) and I'm sure I'll be able to do something with it. So I got home and after removing  all the make up I was wearing earlier and washing my face, I applied it using a stippling brush, and I have to say I love it, the consistency, the way it just glides onto the skin, and to be honest I didn't even have to set it with powder which I usually do, now having said that I didn't leave the house with this foundation on so it could be a completely different story when I do, I may need to put the powder on, but yeah as I say so far loving this product, its a light to medium coverage which I like.

Me with no Make up on eeeeeeeeek yeah I know lol

With the wake me up foundation and then full face of make up

Eyeshadow is YDK from the naked 2 pallette (what else? lol)

Blush is NYC Pink cheek glow, I used tease from the naked 2 on my eyebrows (it somehow works lol) mascara is lancome's hypnose and lips is fashion ave fuchsia liquid lip shine by nyc also and that is it that is my make up look from today :)

Happy Monday everyone :)

Aoife xx

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...

A few of my favourite things :)

Hi Guys :)

Today's post is about things I'm loving  and my favourites at the moment 

To start of with as I'm Irish I can't not mention this today, its Katie Taylor's Olympic gold medal win woohooo go Katie, I was watching the match at home with my parents and 2 dogs, and oh my god talk about on the edge of the seat stuff, the anticipation and the not knowing, it was so close only 2 points, but when the ref lifted her hand in the air, you could nearly hear the whole of  Ireland shouting out in father left out such a roar that Lola got the fright of her life and ran under the couch haha very funny.

Well done Katie

Next thing I'm loving is the weather here right now, the last 2 days have been glorious, I got into the car today and it said 26 degrees which means it was really probably about 23 but hey I'm not complaining, it was so nice...hopefully now it will last, but being Ireland it probably won't ah well....

To go with the nice weather another thing I'm loving is home made smoothies, made with frozen fruit, strawberries and low fat yogurt, all blended up together nom nom nom oh so nice and oh so filling

My current make up loves are as follows, my new naked 2 pallette (I have been wearing this everyday since I got it) the NYC colour wheel in pink cheek glow, its so beautiful on, and I normally wouldn't choose a bright pink like this as my blush but this one works really well with my skin tone, I've rediscovered my Sigma ss182 kabuki brush, and loving it again, for my hair this week I started using V05's Smoothly does it tame and shine spray heat defence, and obviously I can't tell a difference in my hair but I'm loving the fact that I'm actually using heat defence lol and finally because the weather is so nice, I'm been wearing flip flops the last 2 days (first time all summer) and I've painted my toe nails with china glaze's sugar high which is a bright neon pink which is perfect for summer :)

Next favourite is my Britney Spears fantasy perfume I adore this perfume, I think I'm on my 4th or 5th bottle of it, and I need to get a new one as this one is actually almost out *sad face*

and of course I couldn't have a blog of things I'm loving with out these 2 Albi and Lola

Other things I have been loving this week, well and this is a huge achievement for me I quit smoking on Sunday so today is day 4 with out a cigarette so I'm delighted with that, I've been smoking for way to many years and have been wanting to quit for ages and now finally I am, so excited, and the final thing I have been loving this week is doing volunteer work, I haven't actually started this yet but hopefully will be next week, I'm going to be helping out in an animal rescue no kill shelter, which I'm very happy to be doing as I love animals and can't wait to be able to help some little and or big animals that don't have any homes and hopefully make them a little bit happy.

Those are a few of my favourite things at the moment, Hope everyone is having a lovely day or night, depending on where in the world you are


Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Little bit of shopping #2

Hi everybody :)

Hope you're all having a good day :) so yesterday I went and did a little bit more more shopping now till I go to Galway, which is in like 4 days haha anyway I just wanted to share a few things that I got...and excuse the pictures, I know they aren't the best I need to work out how to be able to get good shots, if anyone has any advice that would be great...any way onto my little haul.

First Thing I got which I totally fell in love with in Tk Max yesterday is this jewellery box, I literally saw it and  fell in love, but wasn't sure if I should buy it or not as it was 20 euro and did I really need it? at one stage I even put it back and walked away, but I just couldn't leave it behind I just had to have it, I don't actually need a jewellery box so I may use it as make up storage :) its so pretty thought isn't it? (ignore the random dog toy shoe in the background lol)

This is what its like opened, and just as I was taking the shot Albi decided he wanted to check it out, but I thought it was a cute pic anyway so still gonna upload it

What I got next I was very excited about, because as I've said in a previous post I have wanted this for ages, and didn't think I needed but how wrong was I, how have I not had this in my life for the past few months lol I love it, its the Naked 2 Pallette yay its soooooooo nice.... and the colours are amazing so between this and the original Naked pallette I will never need to buy a neutral eyeshadow again.

And again Albi had to get in on the action ( I was originally taking the pictures outside trying to get good light) but yeah he wanted a closer look at the eye shadows apparently.

Everything else I bought was just some make up bits and nail polish, I got two things from NYC I got two mosaic face powders, All over bronze glow and  Pink cheek glow, I have the peach glow already and I love it so decided to give these two a whirl and I'm wearing them today and so far love them, the bronzer does need to be put on with a light touch tho as it can be a bit "muddy" but if blended out, looks great. Finally I got two catrice nail polishes, one which I saw on and thought it was so pretty its 420 Dirty Berry and the other is 770 Put lavender on agenda which I saw in the shop and thought was really nice, I got these for half price too, as they are having some sale of catrice products...also when I got home I realised that put lavender on agenda is nearly an exact dupe for OPI's parlez-vous OPI? and the final thing I got is eye primer by essence I love stage eye shadow base, still not sure what I think of this, I have it on today so time will tell...I mean I love my urban decay primer potion but I'm nearly all out and was just looking for a cheaper alternative.....

So that is it, that is everything I bought yesterday, just a wee small haul.......

thanks for reading

Much love
Aoife xx

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Make up of the day <3

Hi Guys,
I was slightly bored today as I'm doing nothing special just around at home, and think I'm going to my sisters and her husbands later to watch a dvd, but anyway, thought I would do a make up of the day, sure why not ;)
Its very very simple and neutral nothing impressive at all, but I like simple and neutral :)

Pic one (oh and ignore the eyebrows I needs to do something with them)

As I say very simple and neutral, I used Nivea soft moisturising cream, then I used a mix of Bourjois foundations, I used the 123 perfect in shade 51 all over my face except my nose and on my nose I used healthy mix also in shade 51, the reason I did this is because my nose is the only part of my face that is oily and the 123 perfect just looks terrible, but the healthy mix looks fine (no idea why lol) so then I put collections 2000's lasting perfection powder all over with my sigma kabuki brush and finally topped the face off with natural collections blush in the shade pink cloud which I put on my cheek bones, not on the apples of my cheeks, since I wasn't going anywhere today I didn't bother using a highlight or a bronzer but normally I would. That's the face done on to the eyes, I used urban decays primer potion which is on its last legs, need to find a new primer cos I really don't want to fork out 19euro for another one, then I used my Naked 1 pallette so all over my lid I used sin and in the crease I used a little bit of toasted and blended it in and I used a small bit of virgin under my brow bone and then for mascara I just used Maybelline's one by one volume express, which is also on its last legs, to fill in my eye brows I just used urban decays brow box in brown sugar and finally I used natural collections lipstick in rosebud.... that is it that is my make up of the day :) and I'm just wearing a purple check shirt from Dunne's, a white tank top also from Dunne's, jeans from A wear and pink converse shoes, totally casual and the only jewellery I'm wearing is an bracelet with my name on it that my parents got me 10 years ago that has never come off my wrist :)

Products I used

Hope you all are having a lovely day

Much Love
Aoife xx

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Oh Oh lol I feel a spending spree coming on

Ok so about 2 or 3 years ago I was majorly obsessed with makeup, it was my go too thing at the time, I bought everything from the expensive to the really cheap ie. Mac to Essence and Catrice, I mean the amount of stuff I had was insane, my sister informed me she was never going into a shop that stocked make up or nail polish with me again, it was slightly out of hand I will admit lol but then I got sense and stopped I didn't need that many products in a collection so I put a ban on buying things I either already had or didn't need for example, If I had a pink blusher, I didn't need 2 or 3 or 10 of them ha, and I didn't have to have the same colour nail polish by different company's yeah over the last few years my obsession died down and I only bought the essentials or things I had run out of that I would actually use....yeah till now, I've spent most of last night looking at people's blog's on here and seen so many products that I would love to have and I feel the urge to splurge (which I can't actually afford to do lol) ooopies, I have decided I really would like the Naked 2 pallet also, I have Naked 1 do I really need the second one, I have seen it in the shops and I have swatched it but always walked away, my fav colour that I want is Verve...I don't have any eye shadow that colour, but to buy a whole pallet for just one colour, don't get me wrong the other colours are also fab but do I really need them...I think my answer is yes I do, and to be honest the only thing stopping me from running out today and buying it is that the nearest place to buy it to me is a half an hours drive on a normal day but on a August bank holiday Saturday it could take me most of an hour just to get there and then trying to find parking, but its oh so tempting....ah what to do what to do ????? maybe I could convince my sister to come with me tomorrow when she's off work hehehe without telling her why I'm going there of course, I did the same thing when I was buying the Naked 1 pallet. If I end up getting it I will do a post with swatches and what I think :)

much love
Aoife xx

Friday, 3 August 2012

Whats in my bag (tag)

I was sitting here tonight bored out of my mind as I am not going out and I was looking through other people's blogs and I decided I wanted to do a tag and I couldn't find any questions tags (but if you know of any link them to me and I'll do them, and then I spotted a whats in my bag tag blog edition hehe so I decided to do that, nothing special in my bag but hey might as well, I know I have only been blogging a few hours but it is quiet fun :) yay so yeah here we go.....
First of all this is my bag, again nothing special I got it in Penney's or Primark as its called in the uk I was going away for the June bank holiday weekend and wanted a new bag so I popped in there and found this it was only 11 euro, sure where would you be going for that price ;)

this is what it looked like before I took everything out of it, total mess

and here is a pic of everything laid out on the bed so you can see whats in my bag :)

Right so I'll go through everything from top to bottom
> On the top left side is my purse, its a Louis Vitton ha well its a knock off version that my sister got for me when she was on holiday last year, its a gold colour and I love it :)
>Next is my camera case, its just a pink hello kitty one that I got in tesco but its very cute and I love it and my camera was in it but I obviously took that out to take the picture  my camera is a purple samsung PL150 that I got for my birthday last year.
>Next is a bottle of Dove deoderant, kinda self explanatory lol
>Next is my make up bag which held a kabuki brush, a collection 2000 lasting perfection powder and a natural collections lipstick in the shade rose bud.
>Next is my Itouch, I love this and bring this everywhere with me and usually watch youtube videos on it also.
>That letter in the middle I got in the post yesterday reminding me I have to renew my dog licence's
>Next is some sunglasses from Penney's, I think they were like 3 euro or something I got them last year and had them in my bag from the weekend when I went to Mondello race track in Kildare, cos we sure as heck didn't need them for the rest of the week :(
>Next is my phone, its a pink Nokia c3 and its umm not the greatest phone in the world but it will do, I do have my eye on a new one though
>Next is my car key and house key and mickey mouse key ring with the letter A on it for my name which my sister also bought for me
>Next is random change that was at bottom of the bag
>Next is 3 lip products, a body shop lip butter in Shea butter, a maybelline lip gloss in sugar plus and a trilogy rose hip lip gloss.
>Next is Britney Spears fantasy perfume, I love that perfume its my favourite but this bottle is nearly out need to get a new one.
>Next was a card of a taxi company I used in when I was in Dublin about 6 weeks ago (i don't empty my bag apparently lol)
>Next is a hair comb and some hair ties and bobby pins (always have to have them on me at all times )
>Next an empty chewing gum wrapper, again always have to have gum on me at all times too, there is also some inside my purse
>And finally some Nurofen Express cos you never know when you're going to get a headache or something like that.

So that's it, that is everything that was in my bag, not too exciting I know but hey I had fun writing the post even if its only me that sees it.

Hope you're having a good evening

Aoife xx