Friday, 3 August 2012

Whats in my bag (tag)

I was sitting here tonight bored out of my mind as I am not going out and I was looking through other people's blogs and I decided I wanted to do a tag and I couldn't find any questions tags (but if you know of any link them to me and I'll do them, and then I spotted a whats in my bag tag blog edition hehe so I decided to do that, nothing special in my bag but hey might as well, I know I have only been blogging a few hours but it is quiet fun :) yay so yeah here we go.....
First of all this is my bag, again nothing special I got it in Penney's or Primark as its called in the uk I was going away for the June bank holiday weekend and wanted a new bag so I popped in there and found this it was only 11 euro, sure where would you be going for that price ;)

this is what it looked like before I took everything out of it, total mess

and here is a pic of everything laid out on the bed so you can see whats in my bag :)

Right so I'll go through everything from top to bottom
> On the top left side is my purse, its a Louis Vitton ha well its a knock off version that my sister got for me when she was on holiday last year, its a gold colour and I love it :)
>Next is my camera case, its just a pink hello kitty one that I got in tesco but its very cute and I love it and my camera was in it but I obviously took that out to take the picture  my camera is a purple samsung PL150 that I got for my birthday last year.
>Next is a bottle of Dove deoderant, kinda self explanatory lol
>Next is my make up bag which held a kabuki brush, a collection 2000 lasting perfection powder and a natural collections lipstick in the shade rose bud.
>Next is my Itouch, I love this and bring this everywhere with me and usually watch youtube videos on it also.
>That letter in the middle I got in the post yesterday reminding me I have to renew my dog licence's
>Next is some sunglasses from Penney's, I think they were like 3 euro or something I got them last year and had them in my bag from the weekend when I went to Mondello race track in Kildare, cos we sure as heck didn't need them for the rest of the week :(
>Next is my phone, its a pink Nokia c3 and its umm not the greatest phone in the world but it will do, I do have my eye on a new one though
>Next is my car key and house key and mickey mouse key ring with the letter A on it for my name which my sister also bought for me
>Next is random change that was at bottom of the bag
>Next is 3 lip products, a body shop lip butter in Shea butter, a maybelline lip gloss in sugar plus and a trilogy rose hip lip gloss.
>Next is Britney Spears fantasy perfume, I love that perfume its my favourite but this bottle is nearly out need to get a new one.
>Next was a card of a taxi company I used in when I was in Dublin about 6 weeks ago (i don't empty my bag apparently lol)
>Next is a hair comb and some hair ties and bobby pins (always have to have them on me at all times )
>Next an empty chewing gum wrapper, again always have to have gum on me at all times too, there is also some inside my purse
>And finally some Nurofen Express cos you never know when you're going to get a headache or something like that.

So that's it, that is everything that was in my bag, not too exciting I know but hey I had fun writing the post even if its only me that sees it.

Hope you're having a good evening

Aoife xx

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