Monday, 13 August 2012

New Foundation

Hi Guys,

So I just wanted to share with ye a product I purchased today, now I've heard so much about this product over the last few months, but to be honest I wasn't really interested as the company that make this product usually don't have my shade...however today when I was doing my grocery shopping in Dunne's I passed by the Rimmel stand and of course I stopped and had a look and to my surprise the lightest shade of the Rimmel wake me up foundation actually looked light, usually they are quiet darker then your normal "lightest" shade, so after a few minutes of humming and hawing and will I or won't I, I decided sure why not I'll give it a whirl, its only 6.95 (was on sale) and I'm sure I'll be able to do something with it. So I got home and after removing  all the make up I was wearing earlier and washing my face, I applied it using a stippling brush, and I have to say I love it, the consistency, the way it just glides onto the skin, and to be honest I didn't even have to set it with powder which I usually do, now having said that I didn't leave the house with this foundation on so it could be a completely different story when I do, I may need to put the powder on, but yeah as I say so far loving this product, its a light to medium coverage which I like.

Me with no Make up on eeeeeeeeek yeah I know lol

With the wake me up foundation and then full face of make up

Eyeshadow is YDK from the naked 2 pallette (what else? lol)

Blush is NYC Pink cheek glow, I used tease from the naked 2 on my eyebrows (it somehow works lol) mascara is lancome's hypnose and lips is fashion ave fuchsia liquid lip shine by nyc also and that is it that is my make up look from today :)

Happy Monday everyone :)

Aoife xx


  1. that looks so great, dear! i love the packaging ^^

  2. wow... this foundation looks amazing! i'll definitely have a look, whether it's available in germany as well. thanks a lot for the great tip!

    p.s.: lovely blog! you've got a new follower. i'm also new on blogger (started today) and would be really happy, if you could have a look on my website:


  3. This foundation looks gorgeous on you! x