Friday, 3 August 2012

Little bit of shopping

So I went into town earlier, well when I say into town, I didn't make it that far as the traffic was horrible, bank holiday I ended up just going to argos and tesco but I got what I wanted to get so it worked out grand first of all I went into argos to pick up a new duvet set which I had seen on there website I will insert a Pic here if it will let me haha

Woohoo that actually worked took me a few minutes to figure out how to get it positioned but now I know, yes anyway I'm getting off track its the Blossom Patchwork Duvet Set from argos and it only cos me 13.99 euro as it was on sale I think it was originally only like 18.99 or something, its so pretty it has patch work on one side and strips on the other side as you can see in the picture above :)

Then I went off into tesco trying to avoid the rain and oh my goodness it was so busy in tesco, it was like christmas but anyways we dealt with that, so what I got there was sheets and a Pillow cases to match the duvet set which are like duck egg greeny blue I would call it...again I'll insert a Pic

While I was making the bed I had 2 little friends waiting on the floor for me to hurry up as they wanted to sit up on it....I put a fleece blanket over the covers to keep them clean...they just wanted to look out the window

This is Albi and Lola, Lola is on the left the smaller of the 2, they are both westhighland white terriers and they most cutest adoreable doggies you could meet, Albi is nearly 3 and Lola was 2 in may, so cute I'm sure there will be plently more pics of them up on this blog over time....

anyway back to my shopping in tesco I didn't buy much else to be honest just a few things I needed

I got Panadol lol very exciting, because I'm currently on a diet and you can get headaches from it and this helps with them.
I also got Treaclemoon, my coconut island body scrub which I got because I need to exfoliate my legs as I want to put on some fake tan for next weekend when I go to Galway so hopefully it works, it was cheap which is why I bought it..then I also got some make up wipes they are the nivea daily essential wipes for all skin types, 2 for 4 euro sure where would you be going....I got hair dye for my hair (obviously lol) its the Garnier Nutrisse creme in the colour Pecan Nut number 4.15, I've used this on my hair loads and I love the colour it gives it, kinda brown with a hint of red and it was under 5 euro so happy days and the last thing I bought was Vo5'smoothly does it tame and shine heat defence spray because I do use straighteners on my hair a lot and I tend to forget to use heat defence so I made myself a promise that I would start Using some, try and keep my hair in good condition :)

well that's it that was all I got and my day really, I'm going to spend most of the evening catching up on other peoples blog's and figuring out my own.....thanks for reading :)

Aoife xx


  1. Hello :) I really like the colours and pattern of your duvet-it's a little like one I have! Good luck figuring out your blog but if you have any problems just ask-bloggers are friendly people :)

    Tanesha x

  2. welcome to the blogging world!! loving those cute little puppies!!

  3. aww thanks, they are little terrors but in a cute way lol

  4. my dog is called lola :)
    welcome to bloggin, i'm new also.


    1. Thanks :) its such a pretty name isn't it?? what type of dog do you have :)