Friday, 3 August 2012

Hello there

Hello and welcome to  anybody who may be reading this haha my name is Aoife, I live in Ireland and in the last week or so I decided I was going to start blogging, I have been watching you tube videos and interested in blogging for a long time but never thought about doing it myself till now that is :) So whats to say about me? not really sure, same way I'm not really sure what I'm going to be blogging about, it could be anything from my day, to weight loss (lots on that) to my dogs who are names Albi and Lola, I'll prob be putting loads of pics of those two up here haha to make up to book reviews to anything really, we'll see where it goes, I don't really have anything specific planned, I just wanted to start blogging about my new life (more on that later ) and today is the first day of it...I'm currently trying to get pictures uploaded from my camera to my computer but its taking forever, my laptop isn't the greatest, not very reliable, but it will do for now....and once I get those uploaded I am going to go into town and do a little shopping, well every girl needs an outlet once and a while, maybe I'll blog about what I bought later...something to do :)

If you are reading this thanks for viewing my blog I promise it will get better over time :)

Aoife xx

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