Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Little bit of shopping #2

Hi everybody :)

Hope you're all having a good day :) so yesterday I went and did a little bit more shopping....no more shopping now till I go to Galway, which is in like 4 days haha anyway I just wanted to share a few things that I got...and excuse the pictures, I know they aren't the best I need to work out how to be able to get good shots, if anyone has any advice that would be great...any way onto my little haul.

First Thing I got which I totally fell in love with in Tk Max yesterday is this jewellery box, I literally saw it and  fell in love, but wasn't sure if I should buy it or not as it was 20 euro and did I really need it? at one stage I even put it back and walked away, but I just couldn't leave it behind I just had to have it, I don't actually need a jewellery box so I may use it as make up storage :) its so pretty thought isn't it? (ignore the random dog toy shoe in the background lol)

This is what its like opened, and just as I was taking the shot Albi decided he wanted to check it out, but I thought it was a cute pic anyway so still gonna upload it

What I got next I was very excited about, because as I've said in a previous post I have wanted this for ages, and didn't think I needed but how wrong was I, how have I not had this in my life for the past few months lol I love it, its the Naked 2 Pallette yay its soooooooo nice.... and the colours are amazing so between this and the original Naked pallette I will never need to buy a neutral eyeshadow again.

And again Albi had to get in on the action ( I was originally taking the pictures outside trying to get good light) but yeah he wanted a closer look at the eye shadows apparently.

Everything else I bought was just some make up bits and nail polish, I got two things from NYC I got two mosaic face powders, All over bronze glow and  Pink cheek glow, I have the peach glow already and I love it so decided to give these two a whirl and I'm wearing them today and so far love them, the bronzer does need to be put on with a light touch tho as it can be a bit "muddy" but if blended out, looks great. Finally I got two catrice nail polishes, one which I saw on http://beautynutjk.blogspot.ie/ and thought it was so pretty its 420 Dirty Berry and the other is 770 Put lavender on agenda which I saw in the shop and thought was really nice, I got these for half price too, as they are having some sale of catrice products...also when I got home I realised that put lavender on agenda is nearly an exact dupe for OPI's parlez-vous OPI? and the final thing I got is eye primer by essence I love stage eye shadow base, still not sure what I think of this, I have it on today so time will tell...I mean I love my urban decay primer potion but I'm nearly all out and was just looking for a cheaper alternative.....

So that is it, that is everything I bought yesterday, just a wee small haul.......

thanks for reading

Much love
Aoife xx

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