Saturday, 4 August 2012

Oh Oh lol I feel a spending spree coming on

Ok so about 2 or 3 years ago I was majorly obsessed with makeup, it was my go too thing at the time, I bought everything from the expensive to the really cheap ie. Mac to Essence and Catrice, I mean the amount of stuff I had was insane, my sister informed me she was never going into a shop that stocked make up or nail polish with me again, it was slightly out of hand I will admit lol but then I got sense and stopped I didn't need that many products in a collection so I put a ban on buying things I either already had or didn't need for example, If I had a pink blusher, I didn't need 2 or 3 or 10 of them ha, and I didn't have to have the same colour nail polish by different company's yeah over the last few years my obsession died down and I only bought the essentials or things I had run out of that I would actually use....yeah till now, I've spent most of last night looking at people's blog's on here and seen so many products that I would love to have and I feel the urge to splurge (which I can't actually afford to do lol) ooopies, I have decided I really would like the Naked 2 pallet also, I have Naked 1 do I really need the second one, I have seen it in the shops and I have swatched it but always walked away, my fav colour that I want is Verve...I don't have any eye shadow that colour, but to buy a whole pallet for just one colour, don't get me wrong the other colours are also fab but do I really need them...I think my answer is yes I do, and to be honest the only thing stopping me from running out today and buying it is that the nearest place to buy it to me is a half an hours drive on a normal day but on a August bank holiday Saturday it could take me most of an hour just to get there and then trying to find parking, but its oh so tempting....ah what to do what to do ????? maybe I could convince my sister to come with me tomorrow when she's off work hehehe without telling her why I'm going there of course, I did the same thing when I was buying the Naked 1 pallet. If I end up getting it I will do a post with swatches and what I think :)

much love
Aoife xx

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  1. find your blog so sweet and interesting!
    find the posts very good <3